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What readers are saying..

 "Death By Ego is one of the best books I've ever read because it gives a great amount of detail about businesses that you can't get from anywhere else. I've been employed by a few of the companies Mr. Carlson wrote about and I've learned more about those companies after reading Mr. Carlson's book than I did being employed there."
- Dewy Mack

"Spot on case studies. I used Death By Ego last week during my Entrepreneurship Class at a local college. The students were both shocked and amazed. Just goes to show how powerful and educational real world examples can be. David Carlson tells some very personal stories of greed and hubris. Fascinating read!"
- Michael Sawitz

"Found this to be the perfect tool for me to review my actions regarding my business. This is a must read to give one an insight to business."
- Dennis Seid

"As always, Dr Carlson's attention to detail provides the basis for some very interesting storytelling that is relevant and useful to anyone who plays in the entrepreneur or corporate worlds. These case studies show how leadership or lack thereof sets the stage for success or failure. The book is a good read."
- Debra R

What readers are saying...

"This book quickly reveals warning signs for investors exploring early-stage companies."

- Randall Foster
Partner, Seraph Group 

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